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Our highly skilled team partners with brands and companies to deliver innovative, high quality, market leading products to local and global markets.

With 22 Injection Moulding machines ranging in size from 30 ton to 800 ton we work with customers to design, engineer and produce quality components & assemblies that meet global quality standards for use all around the world.

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An end to end, integrated process

from concept development to full commercialization.


Established quality management systems & processes, certified to ISO 9001 standards that ensures the highest quality is delivered every time.


With over 40 years’ experience our team provides the highest level of technical capability across industries.


Our flexible, customer first focus has earned us a reputation for getting the job done, working with our customers to deliver on their needs.


Many of our customers have been with Micro Precision for well over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our reputation for on time delivery, product quality and a customer focused service.

Family owned

A large scale business with small business values. Micro Precision Plastics has the ability to produce at scale, price competitively and deliver products with direct oversight from the companies’ owners.


Way back in 1972, Ian Wilson and a couple of mates Bruce Sinclair and Ray Fox started a tool room in Mordialloc, calling it Micro Precision Tooling. Ian's brother Bob Wilson joined the company a year later in 1973 and when the factories owner vacated the factory space at the back of the tool room, Ian and Bob decided this would be a good place to put a couple of injection moulding machines to help with tool trials and even run some of their customer's production.

In 1977 Bob Wilson saw the potential for injection moulding and rented the factory next door, starting a company called Micro Plastics. Through the turbulence of the early 90's, high interest rates and the State Bank of Victoria closing, Micro Precisions tool room was forced into closing, however Micro Plastics went from strength to strength, and over the next 2 decades Micro Plastics established itself as an industry leader. In 2015 Russell Lacy, the then General Manager, purchased the company and in 2021 as a way to honour the original founders renamed the company to 'Micro Precision Plastics.'

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L to R: Ian Wilson, Robert Wilson, Bob Macnab

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